Ute covers and Trailer covers

Fitted ute covers and trailer covers help secure your items on the vehicle during transport. They can made from either PVC or canvas, depending on need and preferrence.

Ute covers can be purchased to specifically fit the make and model of your ute. Or they can be completely custom made to match the dimensions of your vehicle. You can also choose the preferred attachment method.

Add security and storage space on your ute or trailer by adding either a custom made cover or Tuff Tonneau fitted cover.

extend your vehicle storage

secure your load

protection from weather

Custom Made Ute Covers

measured to individual vehicles to suit tray or tub style

attached with either easy loops (individual elastic loops) or shockcord (continuous elastic rope)

support bars appropriate for tray size

Tuff Tonneau Ute Covers

Tuff Tonneaus Soft Covers

Peppercorn Canvas are distributors and installers of the Tuff Tonneaus range of ute covers.

Tuff Tonneaus ute covers are made and backed by Australia’s leading tonneau cover manufacturer. Each kit contains a tonneau cover, support bar, bar brackets, aluminium rope track, rivets and rope buttons.

The innovative stretch cord, clip on system that is secured to the underside of the cover allows for securing over-height loads with ease.

Most covers include the ‘Tonnolock’ TM anti-theft system that secures the cover to the ute so that it can’t be stolen.

Fitted Ute Covers

supplied to specifically fit make and model of vehicle

Different attachment options for Rope Tonneau Covers, Bunji Tonneau Covers, Clip On Tonneau Covers and Clip On 2.0 Tonneau Covers

resistant to tear, sun, rain and shrinkage

TuffTonneausUteCover Peppercorn
TuffTonneausUteCover Clipon

The process is simple

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Provide details of just what you need and we'll be back to you with a quote.

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Ute Covers 2

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Custom items will be made at our Peppercorn Lane factory in Ballarat, Victoria.

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Your cover will be fitted to your vehicle to ensure the fit is the best possible.

Let's start with a quote

Let's gather some information about what you need for your vehicle.

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