We're proud of all our projects

We take pride in our work and aim to provide the best possible experience for our clients with outcomes we can be proud of.

No two projects are ever quite the same. We love the variety that comes with manufacturing custom canvas products.

Peppercorn Canvas Lagoon Annexe 3

Annexe for Lagoon Caravan

Custom annexe for 18′ Lagoon Woodland caravan

PeppercornCanvas Poptop Sleeve

Pop Top Sleeve

Replacement Pop Top sleeve

Peppercorn Canvas 2 Trailer Covers Front

Twin trailer covers

Similar trailer covers, just different shapes

Awning With Frill

Retro Awning

A retro awning for a retro van. Frills and all.

Peppercorn Canvas Replaced Awning Bus

A bus-sized canopy

The biggest canopy we have ever made.

Peppercorn Ute Canopy

Custom canopy

Custom canopy for a mesh cage with the ability to open with the cover still attached.


Converting awning walls

Our recent challange was to adjust an existing set of awning walls to fit a different van with an electic awning and to then add an extra rear room.

Annexe To Awning

Convert Annexe to Awning

This week we converted an existing annexe into a set of walls for a roll out awning. A good outcome for the planet as well as our client.

Peppercorn Canvas Horse Float

Horse float cover

We recently worked on a custom horse float cover for an equine client needing protection from the weather whilst travelling.