Do I need to waterproof my annexe?

A new annexe or set of wall awning walls will be manufactured from canvas that has been treated to repel water and inhibit mold.

It is normal to experience initial seepage through the seams. You may like to set up your annexe prior to your first trip and give it a hose down. Allow it to dry then repeat the process. This will allow for the expected slight shrinkage of the fabric around the seams.

No further waterproofing treatment should be applied at this stage.

When the canvas eventually starts to leak, it's time to re-waterproof your canvas with a special solution.

How do I keep my annexe clean?
  • Keep the fabric clean by regularly brushing it with a soft brush when it is dry. Remove any dirt, sand, bird droppings, mildew etc as soon as possible.
  • Mildew that can't be removed with dry brushing may need to treated. (refer to separate FAQ)
  • Hose it down occassionally with cold water but don't brush it whilst west. Don' use any detergents, cleaning fluids, solvents etc
  • Ensure that the canvas is completely dry before storing
  • After a period of continuous outdoor expore, the canvas be need to be reproofed with a water repellent treatment (refer to separate FAQ)
How do I get rid of mildew or mould?

The canvas used in our annexes is treated to increase water resistance and inhibit mould whilst leaving the canvas breathable.

Mildew on annexes is generally the result of the canvas not being dried thoroughly or being stored in damp conditions. Mould thrives in damp, dark environments and can grow in as little as 24 hours.

The standard methods of removing mildrew from canvas are diluted solutions of either vinegar or White King®.

Each treatment will require the canvas to then be retreated for waterproofing.

Out of town queries

I need an item repaired but I'm not from Ballarat. What can I do?

Depending on the item, this may be as simple as just sending the item via a courier service. We can complete the repair work and courier it back.

We would need photos ahead of time to assess the damage and to help advise as to whether the item is worth repairing.

I need an annexe but I'm not from Ballarat. What can I do?

We prefer to measure and install the annexes and awning wall kits that we make to ensure the best fit. Caravans generally stay at our factory for about a week while the annexe is being made.

If you really can't bring your caravan to Ballarat, you can provide the measurements and arrange for fitting at your end.