Extend your living area

Peppercorn Canvas is your premier destination for high-quality new and replacement awnings designed specifically for caravans, pop-tops, and wind-up campers.

Enhance your caravan setup with the simple addition of an awning, designed to improve your holiday experience and make your outdoor adventures a little easier.  Enjoy the practical benefits of an extended living area, seamlessly expanding the space available and providing extra privacy. Add a covered area for relaxation, dining, and entertaining, allowing you to make the most of your time away from home.

Awnings also offer shelter from the weather, protecting your from both the sun and the rain.

A large choice of quality canvases and a range of options allows for a tailored space to match the aesthetics of your van.

You might even like to create an extra room by adding walls for your awning, a rear cubby or a front veranda or a custom design of your own.


extend your living area

protection from weather

additional storage space

3 different brands to meet different requirements

option to add awning walls

Caravan Roll Out Awnings

Roll out Awnings are an easy extension to your caravan.  Permanently mounted and simple to roll out.

We provide new and replacement awnings to suit caravans, pop-tops and wind-up campers.  Our awnings are made from durable materials that are built to withstand the rigors of outdoor life.

Awnings provide an easy extension to your caravan, providing some protection from the weather and a little bit or privacy when you step out of your van.

For added convenience and versatility, individual walls can be made that easily slide on, transforming your awning into a fully functional annexe.

sturdy framework fitted to caravan

travel lock, canopy clamps and heavy duty brackets

option to include awning walls to create an annexe

Awning Repairs: Restore and Renew Your Caravan's Awning

Over time, caravan awnings can experience normal wear and tear, including tears, sun damage, broken hardware, or missing components.

We provide awning repairs to address a range of issues, such as:

replacement of essential parts like arms, legs, clips and roller mechanisms

mending and patching fabric tears (where feasible)

replacement of cloth

Burgundy - Aussie Traveller

Aussie Traveller Roll Out Awnings

Silver shale fade - Carefree

Carefree Roll Out Awnings

Polar White - Dometic

Dometic Roll Out Awnings

Camper Roll Out Awnings

Extend your wind up camper with a Roll out Awnings.  Permanently mounted and simple to roll out and pack up.

sturdy Ezi Camper arm framework fitted to camper

hardware stands up to harsh weather conditions

option to include awning walls to create an annexe

Awning Walls (Annexe)

Convert your rollout awning into an annexe just by attaching walls. Slide the walls on as needed and use individually or all together.

This additional feature grants you the benefits of increased space and enhanced privacy, allowing you to create a personalised and comfortable camping experience.

measured to individual caravans to ensure best fit

attached with an anti-flap kit with a light weight, powder coated frame.

separate canvas or mesh walls that can be used individually or zipped together.

quality fabrics to ensure durability and a long life.

The process is simple

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Provide details of just what you need and we'll be back to you with a quote.

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Caravan Awnings 11

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Your item will be made at our Peppercorn Lane factory in Ballarat, Victoria.

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Caravan Awnings 11

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Your annexe will be fitted to your caravan to ensure the fit is the best possibile.

Let's start with a quote

Let's gather some information about what you need for your annexe or awning.

That will be a good basis to start preparing a quote.