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Venting Standard for caravans

AS/NZS5601.2:2013 specifies the minimum safety requirements for fluing gas appliances installed in caravans to to prevent excessive build-up from products of combustion, condensation, or other toxic conditions such as carbon monoxide.

annexe repairs

Repairs to Annexes to save problems later

After each holiday away in your caravan, take the opportunity to inspect your annexe or awning walls for wear and damage. Deal with repairs or replacement components early so you are ready for your next holiday.


Fabric colours

Our outdoor products are made from industial canvas or PVC options from a variety of fabrics and colours.

Canvas Annexe3

Annexe or Annex

What is the correct spelling of that canvas structure that you attach to the side of your caravan to provide an extra room?

PeppercornCanvas Waterproofing PV2M8Z6

Waterproofing your annexe the simple way

When and how to waterproof your annexe or awning walls.

PeppercornCanvas Clean Mildew PUUB4EM

Removing dangerous mildew from canvas

Mildew or mould on annexes needs to be removed as soon as possible to avoid rotting the canvas and causing health issues.

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Caravan Insurance Claims made easy

Damages to annexes and awning can often be claimed on insurance.

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