Tuff Tonneau Ute Covers

Tuff Tonneaus Soft Covers

Peppercorn Canvas are distributors and installers of the Tuff Tonneaus range of ute covers. Tuff Tonneaus ute covers are made and backed by Australia’s leading tonneau cover manufacturer. Each kit contains a tonneau cover, support bar, bar brackets, aluminium rope track, rivets and rope buttons. The innovative stretch cord, clip on system that is secured to the underside of the cover allows for securing over-height loads with ease. Most covers include the 'Tonnolock' TM anti-theft system that secures the cover to the ute so that it can't be stolen.


  • Fully water proof lining on the top and bottom
  • Will not shrink
  • Made with rot-proof bonded thread
  • Rip resistant material
  • Maximum U.V. protection
  • Industrial strength Leather Grain Fabric, made of the highest quality tonneau material
  • Tear resistant


Protection for paintwork

Tuff Tonneau covers incorporate

  • a super soft felt on the underside of the cover to protect the paintwork from scuffing or marking
  • 3M anti-abrasive disks that are super-strong, resilient, and won’t accumulate dirt or other debris (no need to clean or maintain them)


Soft Cover range

  • Rope Tonneau Cover
  • Bunji Tonneau Cover
  • Clip On Tonneau Cover
  • Clip On 2.0 Tonneau Cover