waterproofingWhen you purchase a new annexe or set of awning walls, the canvas fabric has already been treated for waterproofing.

After several years of use, you may find that the canvas annex needs to be re-treated to remain waterproof.

This is a simple process of brushing or sponging the annexe with a solution to restore the water repellent finish.

As a bonus, it also inhibits the growth of mildew on canvas.

Waterproofing Procedure

  • The process is best performed while the annexe is erected with all doors and windows closed. If that’s not possible, lay it flat on a clean, outdoor surface.
  • Lightly brush the canvas to remove loose dirt. More severe marks may be removed with clean, warm water (don’t add any cleaning agents). Allow the canvas to dry before continuing.
  • Apply BradProof® Water Proofing Treatment with a sponge, brush or roller
    • to both sides of the canvas if plain
    • to only the underside for striped or patterned canvas
  • Allow to dry completely before folding and storing (approximately 48 hours in dry, warm, sunny conditions). Do not expose to moisture until completely dry.



  • Waterproofing treatment is best applied on a warm, sunny day.
  • BradProof® will slightly whiten the colour of the fabric, especially on darker colours. First test the effects on an inconspicuous portion of canvas and allow to dry before assessing results. If the colour change is not acceptable, don’t continue the process.
  • 1 litre will treat approximately 6 square metres (underside only) or 3 square metres (if both sides of fabric
    are treated).