Carefree Roll Out Awnings

Roll out Awnings are an easy extension to your caravan and  provide some protection from the weather and a little bit of privacy when you step out of your van. The framework is permanently mounted on the caravan and is sturdy in bad weather. Available in a variety of fabrics. Peppercorn Canvas also make wall kits to convert the awning into an annexe.

The Carefree Fiesta range of roll out awnings feature superior construction and vinyl fabric.

A weatherguard is included to protect the fabric from exposure (sun, scratches etc) while it is rolled up.  The manual awning is spring loaded.

Sizes vary from 10′ to 21′


A variety of Shale Fades finished that are coloured only on the top side of the awning:

  • black shale fade
  • silver shale fade
  • burgundy shale fade
  • blue shale fade


  • Remote and Travel Locks – These work together to ensure the awning does not come undone during travel.
  • Canopy Clamps – These help to keep the awning taught and provides extra protection from the elements.
  • Heavy Duty Brackets – The awning hardware and castings are white, solid and rugged.
  • Single Track Slider – This is on the inside of the hardware channels and helps to maintain a smooth gliding motion up the hardware arms.


Colour options