Framed Annexe

Annexes are a practical addition to your caravan setup and can make your holiday experience a little more comfortable by extending your living area, creating additional storage space and providing protection from the weather. The Framed Annexe includes an adjustable free-standing galvanised steel frame. The annexe is self-supporting and eliminates the need for pegs and guy ropes. Zip the walls on as needed and use individually or all together.

  • Measured to individual caravans and awnings to ensure best fit
  • attached with an anti-flap kit with a light weight, powder coated frame.
  • separate walls that can be used individually or zipped together.


Specifications and Features

  • Free-standing galvanised steel poles (adjustable) – no need for pegs and guy ropes
  • 385 gsm polyester/cotton roof fabric
  • 275 gsm polyester wall fabric
  • woven polyethylene fabric draught strip with touch tape fastener to annexe
  • matching canvas end panels and valance
  • double 150 mm touch tape fastener sleeves on all poles
  • heavy duty nylon zips on doorway and corners
  • doorway in corner of front wall
  • 2300 mm (7′ 6″) wide
  • 1 only 1500 x 900 (5′ x 3′) window in long wall
  • 1 only 900 x 600 (3′ x 2′) window in back wall
  • woven PE fabric mud strip around bottom perimeter of annexe and draught strip
  • zip off detachable walls
  • bags for protection and storage of the annexe walls and all components
  • aluminium rope track for sides of end wall
  • tabs with eyelets around bottom of annexe and draught strip for pegging

Sizes (lengths)

  • up to 3000 mm (10 ft)
  • up to 4300 mm (14 ft)
  • up to 5500 mm (18 ft)
  • up to 6700 mm (22 ft)


  • fitting of track and studs to van (at our factory)