Convert annexe to awning wall kit

Converting an annnexe to a set of awning walls is a affordable method of reusing and recycling an item that still has potentially many years of use.  The walls are removed from the annexe roof then adjusted and fitted to suit the size of the roll-out awning. The result is a combination of:

  • the benefits enjoyed with your old annexe
  • ease of set up with a roll out awning
  • flexibility with separate walls that can be used individually or zipped together
  • financial savings of altering walls rather than making a new set


Specifications and Features

  • PVC square end panels
  • 3 touch tape fasteners on each corner to attach to awning legs
  • aluminium rope track for sides of end walls
  • anti flap kit
  • front and back velcro join for ease of setup



  • fitting