Deal with repairs to annexes repair before storing them

If you haven’t decided to escape the Australian winter by travelling north in your caravan, the colder season is the perfect time to undertake annexe repairs.

Repairs to annexes are best scheduled for a time when it is not actually needed, rather than waiting until the week before you plan on heading off.


Annexe Repair

Take this opportunity to inspect your annexe or awning walls and check for:

  • wear or damage on the canvas
  • wear or damage on mesh windows or walls
  • damage to door and window zips
  • damage to annexe roof
  • torn eyelet reinforcing
  • rotting seams (this doesn’t indicate a fault, the thread just deteriorates if it remains wet)
  • areas that need re-water proofing

Deal with issues as they are discovered and organise a quote for repairs. Your annexe will then be ready for you to use for your next holiday.

Annexe Maintenance

  • ensure that that annexe hasn’t been packed away whilst damp as this will cause mildew and the canvas will rot
  • if the seams were regularly wet during your holiday and are beginning to deteriorate, consider getting these portions re-stitched
  • don’t store the annexe directly on concrete