Standard AS/NZS5601.2:2013

AS/NZS5601.2:2013 specifies the minimum safety requirements for fluing gas appliances installed in caravans and needs to be complied with when attaching an awning.

Flued gas appliances include refrigerators, hot water heaters and cooking appliances with an external flue terminal.  These standards relate to preventing excessive build-up from products
of combustion, condensation, or other toxic conditions such as carbon monoxide.

The standard states that if the external venting is on the side of the van where the annexe or awning is fitted:

  • the area must be open on two sides and the flue terminal located to ensure a free flow of air across it is achieved
  • in the case of a fan assisted flue, the area can be open on one side, if the terminal is within 500mm of the opening and the direction of discharge is towards the open side.

Newer caravans are often manufactured with all flued gas appliances on the driver side of the vehicle which eliminates the issue with annexes as the door is generally located on the passenger side of the vehicle.  If your caravan has a gas appliance with the flue located on the side where an annexe would be fitted, there are some options to comply with the regulations:

  • have the gas to the appliance disconnected by a licensed gas fitter (this could be the solution for a 3-way fridge if always used on power)
  • modify the design to have the flue relocated
  • set up the annexe walls to always have two sides open

Standard AS/NZS5601.2:2013 specifies the minimum safety requirements for fluing gas appliances and it is an offence to cause an existing gas system to not comply with the standard.

References and further information
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